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'ONLY YOU' – A few words on Art and Life In London, by Art Writer Paul O'Kane

If one tethers one’s heart severely and imprisons it, one can give one’sspirit infinite liberties.”
Nietzsche, Beyond good & Evil, (section 87)

You must confess to loving connections. Connections may in fact be what you/we live for and what enable us to live. A good, unexpected or imaginative connection seems to give you, your life and your thoughts a certain crucial vitality. While a dearth of connections amounts to a kind of stultifying impasse or inertia.

Last week, shortly after connecting Mike Leigh’s ‘Mr. Turner’ to Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ you watched yet another biopic, this time of Nelson Mandela and his ‘Long Walk to Freedom’. The Tempest features an image of magic books at the heart of Prospsero’s power. It also repeatedly attends to the concept of ‘freedom’.

Thus, the central theme of islands and freedoms, running through all of these examples struck you with a…

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